Resolving Jet Error

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Resolving Jet Error in Exchange Server

The worst terrifying situation for any Exchange Server administrator is when the Exchange Server database gets corrupt due to Jet error.

We all are very much well aware of the fact that whenever one talks about reliable solution for creating online messaging environment, Exchange Server is what he talks about. In fact, MS Exchange Server has got excellent ability to store all the user mailboxes in Microsoft Exchange database (EDB file), which later can be easily accessed using Microsoft Outlook Email client. But, unlike any other file there are situations when exchange server database too gets corrupted. You may find it too hard to access database properly. In fact, condition gets trickier when you have to resolve Jet Error for accessing MS Exchange Server Database. Unfortunately, such incidents result critical loss of data and therefore needs to be resolved properly and immediately.

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Usually, whenever you face Jet Error it may get nearly impossible for you to access the database. To regain access to your valuable data, it is very important that you figure out the root cause of this issue and fix it by using appropriate method. Now, talking in terms of reason, such issue arises when you fail to spot log files. However, you don’t have to worry! This is because you can resolve the matter by making a proper usage of Eseutil /p command line tool. But, when you are not able to restore the damaged database file, then the most effective option that you can opt is using a proficient exchange recovery tool.

In general, exchange recovery utility comes with an interactive graphical user interface that offer easy EDB recovery option right from the damaged or corrupt database file instantly. What makes it the most suitable option for retrieving data from the damaged file is its efficiency to perform a detail scanning operation. In fact, the tool scans the entire database and extracts all inaccessible data from it. A proper usage of recovery tool allows you to restore all damaged EDB file items, including emails, tasks, contacts, notes, attachments, journal, and more without wasting any time.

Will not mount or there is a hardware failure resulting in mail flow stopping. Even seasoned Exchange Server admins break into a sweat when they hear that a database is corrupted, or that the server will not send or receive any email.

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My whole Exchange Database got corrupt. I tried every troubleshooting method but the complete database loss was too grave an error to be repaired. I even tried many recovery software programs...

David Samuel